For my blog post on all of my 2016 wins, head here, and for my 2015 wins, go here.

Like wtf is this...?

Like wtf is this...?

Another year, and another half-hour spent every Sunday entering contests online. It used to take me an hour, but it's only a half-hour now. I've streamlined the process and Google Chrome auto-fill helps a lot. It's just the damn CAPTCHA. Sometimes it's not even real words! And yes CAPTCHA, I did click all the street signs in the picture!

I'm pretty sure the places I enter know me quite well by now because I don't win nearly as much as I used to. Fortunately I'm still pulling in a pretty decent haul. I think it's time to either take a break with the regular sites, or find new ones. I've also been entering Natalie every second week and she adds to the list below. I just need Charlie and Elle to be of age so i can use them to enter hehe.

There were no really big grabs this year, but there were a few notable wins. One was the Nickleback tickets which I sold to a friend because he wanted to see the opening act, Cheap Trick. He left when Nickleback came on, but hey, he paid for 'em. I wanted to take Charlie to it as his first concert, but Nat said, "no, that's child abuse."

Another decent win was two tickets to see Jay Leno at the Grey Eagle Casino. I've always been a Jay Leno fan, so that was pretty entertaining.

And the biggest win I'd say was two tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. I've never seen it before and I really enjoyed it.

Date night!

At Phantom, there were these twenty-something ladies beside us talking throughout the show. They were even shushed by someone. At one point, one of them pulled out their phone and was texting right before the chandelier scene. I reached out and put my hand in front of her face and snapped my fingers twice. She got mad! They started yelling at me; then someone shushed them again. I laughed and said, "keep texting and your phone will make an appearance on stage." She stopped, and her and her friend were visibly shaken. The play ended and the lights came on. They wouldn't even make eye contact with me and left out the other side of the aisle. Good times.

The following, very short list, is my 2017 wins. All tickets I won are two tickets unless otherwise stated, and if there's a link, click it to see the associated picture:

The following list is the movie premiere screenings I won in 2017 as well. All movies are two tickets unless otherwise stated:


  • The Space Between Us - Calgarymovies


  • Fist Fight - Gofobo

  • Ghost in the Shell sneak peek (x4) - Scene Creek (x2), Showbiz Monkeys (x2)


  • Goon: Last of the Enforcers (x4) - Scene Creek (x2), Wonderlist (x2)

  • Kong - Breakfast TV (dad)

  • Going in Style - GoFobo

  • Power Rangers - Breakfast TV

  • The Zookeepers Wife - GoFobo

  • Gifted - Fox Searchlights


  • Transformers: The Last Night Fan Event - Showbiz Monkeys

  • Gifted - Fox Searchlight

  • Maudie - GoFobo

  • An American Dream - GoFobo




  • The Big Sick - GoFobo

  • Dunkirk - Country 105


  • The Hitman's Bodyguard - GoFobo


  • IT - Scene Creek

  • Lego Ninjago - GoFobo


  • Geostorm - GoFobo

  • Goodbye Christopher Robin - Fox Searchlight


  • Justice League - GoFobo

  • Coco - GoFobo


  • Father Figures - GoFobo

  • The Shape of Water - Fox Searchlight

  • Downsizing - Country 105

2017 netted me 15 wins. That’s still at least one a month (down 16 from 2016). I’ve also won 29 free movie screenings. That’s at least two a month, down 11 from 2016. Not bad... not great either. Having two kids now, it is hard to make everything so I tend to not enter unless I really want it. 

I'm still going to win. I can't stop, it's in my nature. I just need a really big one to quench my thirst.