I did it!

Last year I had a personal goal to record one second of video for an entire year. Starting January 26th 2015 to January 26th 2016, I shot 1 second of video everyday. Not once did I forget to grab a clip for that day. Amazing, because I totally thought I would forget. It was also a great year to do it since my baby boy Charles was born on June 11th. Read more about Charlie in my previous blog post here.

1 Second Everyday (1SE) is an app that stitches the moments of your life into a single continuous chronological movie from the videos you take on your phone everyday. Once you take a video, you scrub to the moment you like, select it, and it then clips one second of the selected video into a timeline and timestamps the date. It also has reminders that can remind you in the morning, afternoon, or evening to grab a video. It's available on the Apple App Store here, on the Google Play store for Android here, and their website is here.

This was the best year of my life (so far). Throughout this video, I captured:

  • The birth of my son on June 11th

  • The passing 2 family members. Maud (Natalie's grandmother) and Randy (my cousin)

  • 3 dentist appointments

  • Starting a job and getting laid off from that job

  • First time I dropped the top in the Mustang

  • 9 visits to the movie theatre

  • 5 haircuts

  • 14 birthdays celebrations (Marc, Colin, Natalie, Kristel, me, Charlie, Dwaine, Sammy, Kristy, Dustin, Nick, Doug, Mary, Mark)

  • The Superbowl XLIX winner (New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks 28 -24)

  • The 87th Academy Awards Best Picture Oscar (Birdman)

  • 5 baby checkups

  • 2 Mustang accidents (neither my fault)

  • 4 Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra shows

  • 1 swaddled cat

  • 2 Calgary Stampeder games

  • 4 farts (including 1 wet fart)

  • 2 Charlie pukes (and 1 cat puke)

  • 1 new car

  • 7 TV series binged (Friends - entire series, House of Cards S3, Seinfeld - entire series, True Detective S2, Fear the Walking Dead S1, Rules of Engagement - entire series, Ink Master S6)

  • 2 trips to the USA (Denver and Houston)

  • 4 mice killed by my ball python snake Salazar

  • 3 times I captured Natalie sleeping

  • 1 humping dog (my grandmother's chihuahua, Tina)

  • A new job on the last day (January 26th 2016)

The following people are in this video (in order of appearance):

  • Carolyn Y

  • Natalie S

  • Brad C

  • Madeleine B

  • Mike K

  • Doug V

  • Kelsey R

  • Matt R

  • Maud V

  • Dustin H

  • Kristy H

  • Grace H

  • Marc V

  • Andrew G

  • Greg W

  • Frazer V

  • Markéta P

  • Kristel S

  • Mike G

  • Cale P

  • Cassandra P

  • Colin B

  • Erin B

  • Karl R

  • Kate G

  • Norm R

  • Mark S

  • Cathy S

  • Alexandra S

  • Shianna G

  • Mary G

  • Gay C

  • Dwaine T

  • Cassandra E

  • Joan B

  • Warren M

  • Mitch B

  • Derek M

  • Shanon V

  • Sammy V

  • Brenda G

  • Kirsten G

  • David A

  • Miranda N

  • Lori R

  • Benji W

  • Tony L

  • Sean D

  • Charles S

  • Issac Y

  • Randy S

  • Angie F

  • Bozena V

  • Issac H

  • Wyatt H

  • Norm C

  • Tom H

  • Danny H

  • Tanice M

  • Huong N

  • Neill E

  • Randy D

  • Farzaana S

  • Kathy H

  • Nick B

  • Rebecca B

  • Rachel W

  • Jessica M

  • Collin M

  • Ethan M

  • Barbra C

  • Chris M

  • Waldi W

  • Ron W

  • Claudio R

  • Anne S

  • Marcelo C

Because I am so used to the regiment of recording video everyday, I will be continuing throughout 2016 to 2017. It was a lot of fun and super easy to do. The video runtime is 7 minutes and five seconds. I used the song Edge Hill by Groove Armada and it fit perfectly!

The following video shows my complete year. Thanks everyone for an amazing year!

Set to 1080 HD, set fullscreen, turn it up and enjoy!

I recorded one second of video everyday for one year; from January 26th 2015 to January 26th 2016.
Music: Edge Hill - Groove Armada

I haven’t stopped, I kept going. It’s just too much fun. Check out the following successive years below…

I recorded one second of video everyday for the second consecutive year; from January 27th 2016 to January 27th 2017. Shot using the 1 Second Everyday app: 1secondeveryday.com
Music: Chicago - Groove Armada

I recorded one second of video every day for the third consecutive year; from January 28th 2017 to January 28th 2018. Shot using the 1 Second Everyday app: https://1se.co/
Music: Prana - Trentemøller (Intro) / 8 Ball - Underworld

I recorded one second of video every day for the fourth consecutive year; from January 29th 2018 to January 29th 2019. Shot using the 1 Second Everyday app: https://1se.co/
Music: Hayling - FC Kahuna Feat. Hafdis Huld