Yeesh… I am definitely blacklisted in Calgary. I don’t win nearly as much as I once did. This year’s list sure shows that.

The following very short list is my 2018 wins. All tickets I won are two tickets unless otherwise stated, and if there's a link, click it to see the associated picture:

The following list is the movie premiere screenings I won in 2018 as well. All movies are two tickets unless otherwise stated:


  • Early Man - Mr.Will Wong


  • Love, Simon - GoFobo

  • Game Night - GoFobo



  • Isle of Dogs - Fox Searchlight 

  • Chappaquiddick - GoFobo

  • Rampage - GoFobo

  • Super Troopers 2 - Fox Searchlight



  • Christopher Robin - GoFobo


  • Smallfoot - GoFobo


  • First Man - Tribute & 103.1


  • Aquaman - Warner Bros.

2018 netted me 15 wins (not including HQ as that’s a game). That’s still at least one a month and the exact same amount as 2017. I also won 19 free movie screenings; that’s at least one a month, down 10 from 2017. In my defense, I am getting more picky with entering the movie contests. I’d much rather stay home with my fam than go see a movie I couldn’t care less about; my priorities have definitely changed. Impressively, I’ve netted at total of $19.61 US from HQ winning eight times. That’s like almost $100 Canadian 😉

I’m not giving up on contest wins though, if they’re giving it away, I’m going to take it. I think I just need to branch out more. I’ll def do that this year.

Still need a boat or house hah! Joking… not joking 😈